I watch for danger all night, she near the wall, me near the door. She sleeps, very noisy. In the night she tucks her chin under the cover and leaves her long black fur on the white pillow so we can be the same. Black fur, white fur, curled up together safe. Only when sleeping she purrs, not when awake. I share my purring with her. Sometimes before sleep she puts big smells in her head fur for me to sniff. I can still recognise her though. It’s our joke.

She is very playful.

Sometimes there is danger and sometimes the danger is her. If she shouts, I come running just in case. Mostly she shouts at other humans and I shout at Stupid Cat. I think they try to steal from her. Maybe territory, maybe food. She is so fierce and brave. If she is attacked, she will hiss and yowl and never give up. Even for hours she yowls and they yowl and then they go away and then I groom her wet face. Well done I say, you are so fierce and brave like a great hunter. Sometimes she shouts at tap tap laptop. Laptop is very vexing to her. She stares it down and jabs it quick quick quick. Take that, laptop. I sit with her giving her all my fighting strength. If she calls big humans to help, I sit far away but I don’t leave her. Laptop cannot be trusted.

She is very brave.

We smell together and we stretch together. Her body is not quiet like mine. It’s frantic like Afternoon Frenzy but all day. She is upside down and jumping leaping. She stares at the window and does dancing hopping. Over and over. I don’t do dancing. I groom and wait. When she is excited, she squeals and then we chase, skittering and scattering fast around corners, leaping up on bed and couch. I race her to high places where she can’t catch me and low places too. She squeezes me if she grabs me and I squeal, just like big humans squeeze her and she squeals.

She is very fast.

The big humans do not love her like I love her. She lies on them, but they never groom her for long enough. She loves the big humans, but they don’t deserve it even though they feed her. Smaller humans come and purr and play with her and share food, but they do not groom her properly either, only sometimes they tidy head fur together. She vibrates when she loves someone. If her loves are not there, she can call up pictures of them. It’s her secret magic that she only shares with me, talking to the pictures and making the pictures talk back. When the loves come to visit her again, I stare at them, but I don’t tell. Sometimes they rub my head but only a little.

She is very forgiving and kind.

Are we from the same litter? What kind of a stupid question is that? She would never ask such a stupid question. She is tricksy and clever. She can find me anywhere even if I do my best hiding, and she can solve any problem. She can even make boxes and hiding places with her clever paws. She knows all the human meows and all the cat ones, and she hunts alone for foods that she kills outside and wraps in paper and bags and brings home to share.

She is very tricksy and clever.

Of course we are from the same litter. I don’t remember when, but long ago we were kittens and we were lost and brave together. So I watch for danger all night, she near the wall, me near the door. Go away now. We sleep.

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