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In 1956, a solid decade into the Cold War, and 45 long years since Hiram Bingham first emerged from the jungle to gaze at Machu Picchu, two oceanographers working off the coast of Mexico discovered the lost city of Atlantis. It was not where anyone expected it to be, obviously, but then again, lost thingsContinue reading “Atlantis”


The web was tiny and delicately made, so small and thin she almost missed it. The finest of silver ropes stretched across a space the size of her thumbnail, modestly hung with three or four more. Poverty, or minimalism? It had caught a single elderflower, blown in on the spring breeze. The spider must beContinue reading “Web”

Picture perfect

When Lauren met David, his photo had, unbeknownst to her, been in her parents’ house for about 20 years. ¬†As a child, she had accepted without question that there was a photo of a strange family on their mantlepiece. It embarrassed her greatly in her teenage years until she learned to tell the story inContinue reading “Picture perfect”

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